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The most effective cure for acne – 100% natural

Acne is a very common skin problem which also happens to be hard to solve. This is because acne has many causes, both external and internal. Despite the large number of products which claim to cure acne, most patients still struggle with this problem. This happens because commercial products have a large quantity of chemicals which only worsen the problem.

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Get rid of hair dye stains from your skin

When you dye your hair at home you will stain your skin. It’s inevitable and it mostly happens on the ears and on the forehead. Rubbing the areas is not pleasant, so here are some tips on how to prevent the stains and how to remove them easier than ever.

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The simple recipe which prevents sagging skin

One can’t stop the ageing process, but you can postpone it as much as possible with a healthy lifestyle. This means healthy diet and lots of exercises. And applying a home-made mask once a week to moisturise your skin and prevent it from losing its elasticity, which is the reason of the sagging effect and the apparition of wrinkles.

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